Wood-Burning Stoves & Inserts


Premier Provider of Wood-Burning Stoves and Inserts in Frederick, MD

Not only is Bodmer’s Store known for our one-of-a-kind pottery creations, but we are also sought after for our large selection of wood-burning stoves. Some of the brands we carry include Vermont Castings, Jotul, DutchWest by Vermont Castings and Pacific Energy. Whether you are looking for a free-standing wood stove or a fireplace stove, we have them both. Learn more about these brands and our fireplace accessories by clicking here, or continuing to read.


Jotul Wood Burning Stoves- Frederick, MDJotel Wood Burning Stoves and Inserts in Frederick MD

Hand made in Norway for over 160 years, you are sure to get the highest quality cast iron stoves from Jotul. As the largest cast iron hearth manufacturer in the word, Jotul produces both free-standing and fireplace insert wood burning stoves. Many of their stoves come with many loading options including front, side and top as well as many color options. Learn more about Jotul models we carry at Bodmers by clicking here.


Pacific Energy Glazed Steel Wood Burning Stoves- Frederick, MDPacific Energy Glazed Steel Wood Burning Stoves & Inserts in Frederick MD

Manufactured in Vancouver, BC, Pacific Energy glazed steel wood stoves are clean-burning, economical and easy to use. Design your room around a beautiful classic or modern stove design. Learn more about Pacific Energy models by clicking here.




Vermont Castings Wood Burning Stoves- Frederick, MDVermont Castings Wood Burning Stoves & Accessories in Frederick MD

Unlike many other wood burning stoves, Vermont Castings offers FlexBurn™ technology. This allows for you to choose the burn method that is best for your home without having two different stoves. Using environmentally-friendly, 100% recycled cast iron products that are made in the USA, Vermont Castings takes pride in providing clean energy sources that help you save when heating your home. Learn more about Vermont Castings’ models by clicking here.


DutchWest by Vermont Castings Iron Wood Burning Stoves- Frederick, MDDutchwest Iron Wood Burning Stoves & Accessories in Frederick MD

DutchWest is a specific type of design that works beautifully with any home. Enjoy a window for clear viewing while using less wood to produce more heat. Learn more about DutchWest models by clicking here.

To learn about our customized pottery, click here, or contact us for more information about wood burning stoves and inserts available to Frederick, MD and surrounding areas.

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